Presentation of our new board HDMI 4K for SONY FCB-ER8300

Juni 2015

The Twiga 4K Interface Board for SONY FCB-ER8300 transmits TMDS signal from the 4K camera to an HDMI format. All the camera resolutions and frame rates are supported. The board filters the signal to provide an optimum quality of image. You can take advantage of the full range of HD resolutions this camera offers (up to 2160p29.97).

Highly compact, and very easy to connect, the Twiga electronic module can be fixed at the top, bottom or sides of the 4K cameras without hampering the mechanical integration.

It is not necessary to connect the 4K camera to a computer system to drive it.  Switches on the interface board allow the modification of the camera video format as well as the control of the main VISCA functions.

The most used functions zoom, freeze, factory preset are preprogramed, but it is also possible to modify this configuration to replace them by your own OEM functions.

The board uses components that require little energy. Internal supply voltages are lowered and the intensity that circulates in components is reduced in order to lower the power consumption. This can be very helpful for embedded mobile applications.

To maximize the integration solutions of the interface board and use different ways to transmit video signal over internet CAT5/CAT6 or fiber optic, our 4K board features an auxiliary 5V/ 1A output. This can also be used to supply any external devices such as a Twiga WHDI TV10 0007 wireless video transmission system.

Twiga HDMI 4K interface board for Sony FCB-ER8300 camera bloTwiga HDMI 4K interface board top camera block