New USB3 interface board for Sony camera block

Juni 2015

USB3 interface board Sony FCB camera blockUSB3 interface board back camera Sony FCB-7500  

The Twiga USB3.0 interface board captures and transfers video images from a professional camera to a computer.


You will take advantage of new visualisation, processing and transfer solutions by using the network streaming possibilities.

Flexible and low cost, the USB3 interface can be used for many industrial image applications.

The three essential functions of the camera are provided by a single cable:

  • Transfer of video stream up to 1080p30 format,
  • Supply power by the PC’s USb3 port,
  • Camera control by the RS232 serial channel integrated in the USB connection.



Only one USB3 cable: Facility and flexibility

Only one USB3 cable, with a length up to 3 meters, allows to power the camera, to control it and collect the video stream up to 1080p30 format.

Compatible with every computer platform, the Twiga interface board enables easy implementation of image capture solutions on most devices with a USB3 port.

UVC 1.1 and DirectShow Compatibility

The drivers on the camera are compatible with UVC (USB Video Class) revision 1.1. A camera connected with Twiga TV80 0031 is recognized by Windows and LINUX OS as a High Definition Webcam.

This allows to directly use standard softwares for image capturing and viewing (VLC, Amcap, VirtualDub…), image processing, streaming (Skype), or application programming using the DirectShow library.

Add-on Connector

The Twiga TV10 0029 interface provides a specific connector on the back of the board where you can plug in any add-on boards. This allows you to have additionnal functions such as correctors, accelerometers ... or you can also implement your own functions.