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USB3 NEO Schnittstelle für Sony FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV and EH séries - Up to 1080p60

TV80 0097 - USB3 Neo Übertragungs schnittstelle für SONY FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV and FCB-EH


Twiga USB3 Neo interface board is a tiny and easy to use USB3 video capture module for LVDS camera block including Sony FCB-EV7520A.

USB3 Neo operates as SuperSpeed USB3.2 and provides uncompressed HD video up to 1080p60.

A simple USB3 cable is enough to power supply, to control and to stream HD video from the camera. The camera settings (including video mode) can also be controlled by serial VISCA commands over local UART TTL or by using USB CDC control via the USB3 Micro b-Type connector.

This enables you to use standard application (i.e VLC, Amcap, Windows camera) for image capture, recording & viewing. It also allows to develop custom application and image processing based on DirectShow, GStreamer or OpenCV.

Last but not least, a board-to-board connector available on the back side of the USB3 Neo module will allow you to plug-in (custom) additional boards to get more capabilities (i.e Sony 4K camera compatibility) to best fit your specific expectations.

  • Technische Daten

    Digital video outputUSB3.2 Gen 1 – UVC compliant
    Digital video output connectorUSB3 micro B-type
    Video output formatup to 1080p60
    Camera settingsVISCA protocol via USB CDC or UART TTL
    PowerUSB3 cable or external 6 to 12 VDC
    Operating temperature0°C to 60°C
    Storage-20°C to 60°C
    RegulationsEMC FCC part 15, PCB : UL 94 V0
    Dimensions (mm)48 (H) x 45 (W) x 11 (D)
    Weight (g)13

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